Study at University of Fine Arts (l'Ecole des Beaux Arts) Sculpture study at Ecole Boulle, Paris. Laetitia working in her studio at Belleville, Paris

My sculptures are a unique reflection on the relationship between the original and primordial man and nature. Using the imagination of the myth, I create works of hybrid apes by engaging me in facial distortion. I established connections or chains of associations between men and beasts, plants and men, men and objects. My approach is to create an impact of paradoxical and reversible images, consisting items diverted from their purposes and offering the possibility of multiple interpretations. I created an imaginary language mingling the animal, the community, the sacred...

I feel close to the lyrical and poetic universe of artists like Louise Bourgeois, whose picturesque sculptures evoke a metaphor as well as the nature of the human figure. I feel also close to Max Ernst, for his hallucinatory technique where the accidental and deliberate get together to seek the powers of imagination and generate hybrids.

Nature is for me a reserve of forms; my sculptures are a metaphor that I would like to enroll in the landscape. I use the language of appropriate materials which to me seems very important to respect. Sensitive to the full and massive forms and pure and immediate expressions, my work is the synthesis of several processes: molded, cast, carved, scraped. I invent these transactions from my own impulses.

"I'm interested in everything that is mysterious, secret and forgotten."